functional coffee blend

for daily energy, performance and wellbeing in a tasty way

feel your best in every sip

full of VITAMINS

a tastier alternative to pills for your daily vitamins.

Zero crash

say goodbye to coffee jitters and feel the clean energy.

immunity support

delicious way to support your body's defenses and stay healthy.

3-in-1 solution

wellness supplement, pre-workout, and coffee alternative.

improve your morning ritual here

What’s in Super Mocha

14 vitamins and minerals

One dose delivers 100% of your daily essential vitamins for a healthier you.

CACAO, Turmeric & cinnamon

Natural source of antioxidants and flavonoids to improve digestion and mood.


Less than 1% sugar, from natural ingredients.



Creamy and delicious blend of coconut milk with MCT, which provides healthy fats and essential minerals for cognitive and physical benefits.


A smooth flow of energy without causing jitters with our micro-encapsulated caffeine.


Super Mocha is free of gluten, lactose, and allergens.

Imagem Nutrientes

nothing against coffee, just wanted it healthier.

As someone with a busy and active lifestyle, I understand the struggles of finding the right balance between energy and well-being. Long hours and endless cups of coffee left me feeling jittery and drained.

That's when I decided to create something better. I blended pure cacao, MCT oil, spices, vitamins, and minerals into my coffee, and it was a game-changer.

Now, health-conscious individuals like you can also enjoy the benefits of sustained energy, mental clarity, immune support, and a brighter mood.

Debsson da Silva, Founder of Brisco.

Sustainable ingredients. Coffee, Cacao, coconut, Cinnamon, turmeric.

The main ingredients in Super Mocha, including coconut milk, 100% cacao, and coffee, are sourced in Brazil. Brisco is committed to being a socially responsible brand in the health and wellness industry and prioritizes fair trade with suppliers.

Sip Your Way To a Better You